Konsise features that make tax compliance easy

Say farewell to the SARS tax compliance maze and start automating with precision!

Say goodbye to the overwhelming maze of SARS tax compliance. Konsise offers an automated solution that transforms tax compliance monitoring for companies, individuals, and trusts, reducing manual effort and eliminating the risk of errors. With Konsise, you can instantly review tax compliance status, ensuring prompt resolution of non-compliance issues. Our innovative dashboard summary revolutionises tax compliance management, allowing in-house tax teams and accounting firms to save valuable hours each month. No more endless SARS eFiling logins and spreadsheets. Konsise provides a comprehensive summary of tax compliance for all legal entities within a group company structure or clients of an accounting firm. Konsise is the efficient tool that makes tax compliance tracking a breeze.

Effortless tax compliance tracking with Konsise - Man logging into eFiling for streamlined management

Built-in enterprise-grade security

World-leading security and compliance are built in, ensuring your company’s sensitive tax data remains protected.

SARS correspondence delivery

The integration of Konsise with SARS eFiling has facilitated data exchange through both push and pull mechanisms. SARS eFiling, while a popular platform for tax-related matters, has been criticised for its lack of collaborative features, impeding efficient tax correspondence handling and responses. In certain cases, tax-related communication may not be easily accessible to all members of a tax team. The integration provided by Konsise mitigates this issue by facilitating the pull and display of SARS correspondence for all tax types integrated with the platform.

Effortless tax compliance tracking with Konsise - Man logging into eFiling for streamlined management
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Tax record keeping

Escape the maze of traditional records management with Konsise Drive, a game-changer for corporate tax professionals and accounting firms. Unlike conventional methods, it ensures secure, organised, and instantly accessible tax records. From preparation to reviewing comments, every step is permanently secured, effortlessly meeting legal requirements. No more risks of lost or deleted files. Konsise Drive offers a confident, streamlined solution for efficient tax records management.

Tax preparation, review and sign-off

The tax preparation and added review and sign-off functionality enables the designation of specific users to prepare tax returns, while other users review the preparation. This process ensures that tax returns are accurate and compliant prior to filing. The review and sign-off feature can be set with multiple review levels, specifying a sequence of reviewers and the number of times a review should occur. For instance, a tax team may establish a requirement that two reviewers must examine a tax return before it is filed, or they may mandate only one reviewer and allow for an optional second review.

Tax manager struggles with self-preparation in Rico's illustration, highlighting the importance of Konsise for accurate tax management.
Effortless tax compliance tracking with Konsise - Man logging into eFiling for streamlined management

SARS submission & payment monitoring

Instantly review tax compliance status and resolve non-compliance issues promptly. Say farewell to laborious, error-prone manual tracking through endless SARS eFiling logins and spreadsheet with a dashboard summary, featuring simple green or red indicators for all legal entities. This streamlined approach revolutionises tax compliance management, to save users valuable hours each month.

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