Review & Sign-off

Follow an organised tax management workflow

The review and sign off feature allows tax teams to assign specific users to prepare tax returns (Preparers) and other users to review the preparation (Reviewers). This helps to ensure that tax returns are accurate and compliant before they are filed.
The review and sign off feature can be set up with multiple levels of review, where a specific sequence of reviewers can be defined and the number of times the review needs to happen can be specified. For example, a tax team may want to set up to require two reviewers to review a tax return before it is filed, or they may want to require only one reviewer to review the return but allow for the option of a second review if needed.

Have visibility of sign-off

The review and sign off feature can also be configured with an oversight role, allowing certain users to view the progress of the review process and ensure that it is being completed correctly.
This is a valuable tool for tax teams looking to streamline their tax preparation and review process and ensure the accuracy and compliance of their tax returns.

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