Tax Reporting

The challenge of navigating the complex tax landscape

In the world of big business, managing taxes across multiple divisions and entities is not just a task – it’s a labyrinth. Ensuring compliance, keeping up with varying tax obligations, and staying ahead of deadlines can feel like navigating a minefield. The stakes are high, and the complexity is overwhelming. Mismanagement or oversight in tax compliance can lead to significant financial penalties and reputational damage.


In depth tax reporting

Konsise transforms the way your enterprise handles tax management. Our platform is designed specifically for the complexities and scale of large businesses, offering unparalleled clarity and control over your entire tax landscape.

The reports for submissions, payments and audits provide the users real-time information on the status of each submission, payment and audit, including the deadline. This gives you and your tax team improved oversight of organisation wide tax-obligation in respect of submission and payments.

Pull full reports of the status of all returns and audits in the data range needed

Filter and sort by any field

See it in action