Greatsoft Software for Accountants

GreatSoft Tax suite where calculation and submission of Individual, Trust, Corporate and Provisional Tax returns is simplified.

We don’t need to tell you how GREAT our tax SOFTware is.

Konsise is a great software solution that revolutionises tax management. One standout feature is Konsise’s superior SARS Correspondence handling, a capability that sets it apart from its competitors. Through seamless integration with SARS eFiling, Konsise facilitates data exchange using push and pull mechanisms, ensuring efficient communication between tax professionals and tax authorities. Unlike traditional methods, where certain tax correspondence may be difficult to track down or remain inaccessible to some team members, Konsise’s integration resolves this by enabling the pull of correspondence for all tax types integrated with the platform. Konsise also eliminates the hassle of constantly logging in and out of SARS eFiling by letting users manage multiple eFiling profiles within the same instance. This revolutionary approach provides a comprehensive overview of all client data and compliance statuses in a single view, making tax management simpler and more productive than ever before.

A well respected tax professional always chooses great soft ware

Konsise is not limited to corporates or VAT; it is designed to efficiently handle various tax types for individuals and trusts with absolute ease. Our competitors may say otherwise, but we are confident in our capabilities.

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What is Greatsoft software?

Simplify the calculation and submission of Individuals, Companies and Trust Tax Returns with GreatSoft

GreatSoft Tax software interfaces directly with SARS e-filing allowing you to request prepare and submit your Provisional Tax returns (IRP6), Individual Tax Returns (ITR12), Companies Tax returns (ITR14) and Trust Tax returns (ITR12T) with integrated peer to peer approvals accompanied by automated alerts.

GreatSoft Tax Suite

With the GreatSoft Tax suite the calculation and submission of Individual, Trust, Corporate and Provisional Tax returns is simplified.

  • Simply download the clients tax assessment information straight from SARS eFiling.
  • Easily complete the schedules of the pending returns with built-in checks and validation.
  • Submit it right back to SARS.

Works with a logical and user friendly interface

GreatSoft Tax Software is affordable and offers an exceptional user experience. It also provides all of the tools you need for Tax processing, filing and reporting.

ITR12, ITR14 and ITR12T calculators

Our software allows you to pull 3rd party data from SARS (e.g IRP5 certificates, Medical certificates, Investment income and Retirement Annuities) which we then use that to calculate a client’s tax return. Once you’re happy with the results, you can then submit back to SARS. Submissions and requests can be done in bulk, to ensure you can use your time to do what you do best. All the while you can keep your finger on the pulse, by pulling reports to see the status of returns as well as the calculations within. For a more hand’s on approach, all of this can be done within a workflow that’s as flexible as you are.

Assessments and other correspondence

After submitting your client’s return, you can keep track of any Assessments or correspondence that SARS issues by importing them in bulk from SARS. Once imported, you can also compare assessments with the tax return and see if there are any differences.

Provisional Tax Calculator

Our Provisional Calculator is another area where we interface directly with SARS. Calculate all your clients’ Provisional tax returns at the click of a button. The provisional calculations are based on the Assessments and payments that have been downloaded from SARS. And if you want to provide a more personal touch to a high value return, you can do that as well.Once your calculations are done and you’ve pulled the reports to confirm that you’re happy with the results, you can generate letters in bulk to distribute to your clients. Once everything is said and done, you can submit (in bulk or individually) through our interface.


For each of our functions, we also have the relevant accompanying reports. We want to make sure you’re never in doubt about the status of a submission or the result of a calculation. And our reports ensure that you’re informed every step of the way.

Statement of Account and tax entries

Once we have the assessments in place, GreatSoft can also help you to record, manage and track any tax payments made by your client. Including any interest or penalties that might have occurred. Any payments reflected on the SOA is pulled through to the system. Provisional payments are allocated automatically, while Income Tax Return payments are made available for allocation against the relevant return.


After a successful tax run, GreatSoft can assist with billing your clients. You can set up standard fees and fee notes, and generate invoices or fees in bulk. Get paid for the GREAT work you’ve done!


Certain processes you might not want to do yourself. Why waste time every day to request the latest assessments, when it can be automated? Our automation module helps automate the mundane day to day stuff, leaving you more time to ensure your clients are happy. This application runs in the background, retrieving and updating communication from SARS and submitting returns flagged for submission.

All the modules you need at your fingertips

Tax Compliance

GreatSoft TAX software interfaces directly with SARS efiling allowing you to request prepare and submit your Provisional Tax (IRP6) returns, Individual Tax Returns (ITR12), Companies Tax returns (ITR14) and Trust Tax returns (ITR12T) with integrated peer to peer approvals with automated alerts.

Individual Tax Calculator

The GreatSoft ITR12 Tax Calculator for individuals downloads taxpayer details and IRP5, medical contributions and investment informaton directly from SARS eFiling.

Corporate Tax Calculator

The GreatSoft Tax Software ITR14 Tax Calculator allows you to Calculate your Corporate Tax, submit returns and Annual Financial Statements directly to SARS e-Filing.

Trust Tax Calculator

The GreatSoft ITR12T Tax Calculator allows you to capture and calculate tax for a trust and submit returns directly to SARS e-Filing.

Provisional Tax

GreatSoft Provisional Tax interfaces directly with SARS e-Filing allowing you to request returns, request receipts, prepare and submit your Provisional Tax (IRP6) returns individually or in bulk.

SARS eFiling Automation

The SARS eFiling Automation utility allows for automatic processing and downloading of SARS Correspondence..

Konsise is a locally owned and managed company committed to providing great client service.

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Frequently asked questions when considering moving from Greatsoft Cloud to Konsise

What is Konsise Tax Software?

Konsise tax software integrates Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, and SARS eFiling functionalities into a single platform for seamless, comprehensive tax management. Purpose-built in South Africa for responsible tax professionals, it ensures comprehensive compliance with SARS regulations while saving valuable time. With enterprise-grade security and real-time reporting, Konsise streamlines tax workflows, empowering practitioners to focus on core expertise and business growth.

Does Konsise have a free version?

We understand that investing in new tax software can be a big decision, so we offer our potential clients a 45-day free trial. Before you commit, we’ll need to give you a personalised demonstration and better understand what you are looking to achieve with Konsise and make sure that our platform can meet your expectations. The best part? No credit card is required!

Does Konsise offer on-premise software?

Konsise is exclusively available as a cloud-based solution, providing the ultimate convenience of steering clear of the hassle of loading software on your computer, backing up your data, and saving information and documents to your hard drive. Everything is stored securely in the cloud, which means you can access it anytime. Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also ensures that you have the latest updates and features at your fingertips. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing your data or critical private information due to hardware failure or theft. 

Can I pay for Konsise monthly?

There are monthly payment options available. Get in touch to explore this option

Who owns Konsise?

Konsise has come a long way from its humble beginnings and has now established itself as a prominent technology partner, making waves in the South African tax technology industry. Our story is a testament to our passion, commitment, and innovative spirit. Being a proudly South African company, Konsise boasts a level 2 BBBEE rating, indicating our dedication to excellence and inclusivity.

What type of security does Konsise offer?

Konsise’s security policies confidently guard customer data security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy, meeting the highest standards of both Konsise and the customer. We diligently implement and maintain robust security safeguards for the application infrastructure outlined in our security document. Customers can trust us to handle their application system’s security, while Microsoft Azure takes responsibility for securing the cloud.