Comprehensive VAT Management

Discover the secret solutions

Are you tired of dealing with the tedious aspects of VAT compliance? Look no further!

Managing VAT traditionally can be a complex and demanding process. However, in this upcoming webinar, you will discover how intelligent tax technology can increase visibility and enhance VAT compliance while using automation to streamline and speed up the process. 

This webinar will show how innovative systems can simplify the reconciliation and consolidation of multiple entities while significantly improving cash flow and compliance before automatically submitting the VAT return to SARS. 

Say goodbye to stress and hello to increased productivity!


Our keynote speakers

Alan Sutton

Chief Executive Officer @ VATSolve

Alan has over 35 years’ experience in developing, deploying, customising and utilising technology to improve financial operations in large organisations. With a background in finance and business, and a passion for doing things in the most efficient and effective way, Alan saw the potential of technology to provide better controls, increase transparency and compliance and improve resource utilisation.

Belinda Lippert

Belinda Lippert

Sales Manager @ Konsise

After completing her studies Belinda swiftly moved into the client services space, gaining knowledge in international withholding tax. Here she developed her people skills and quickly developed a knack for sales. She was given the opportunity to join the sales team for Konsise, where her confident and hard working attitude made her the ideal candidate for the Sales Manager role.

She is now responsible for motivating and managing the strategic output of the sales team and building client relationships.