File attachments

Never misplace a file again

The attachment field enables users to attach any document to a submission or an audit for the purpose of review or to keep as a record for future ease of access. Files are attached to the relevant submission and therefore, can be reviewed and approved in the process of a submission. Minimise the risk of your documents being lost or deleted on a local computer or shared folder.

File attachments Group 169

Shared documents with the whole team

Every member of your team with access to the submission will be able to view and access all documents attached. With everything stored in one place, in the same location, you will always be able to easily find what you are looking for, irrespective of the naming conventions used across different documents.

Files sorted by submission/audit cards

Organised, simple user interface with card management system. Cards give the ability of managing and organising submissions and SARS audits effectively.

File attachments Group 144
File attachments Frame 27

Lock files from being deleted

Once reviewed, files cannot simply be deleted by users who have access, thus ensuring no files are lost in the process and the latest version of the file is stored.