The Next Generation of Tax Compliance

Unveiling Konsise’s Tax Compliance for Companies, Individuals, and Trusts.

In the competitive arena of accounting and tax services, the key objective is to maximise your profits and expand your practice.

Konsise offers a game-changing solution that allows accounting firms and tax practitioners to effectively manage an expanded client portfolio while maintaining the highest levels of service, quality and compliance standards, enabling you to maximise your profits.

In this webinar you can learn how to:

  • Free up time for new customer acquisition and service expansion
  • Get real-time overview of all clients SARS compliance status
  • See all client SARS correspondence without the need to log into eFiling
  • Save, file & access important documents instantly
  • Safely save & lock all filing records in the case of reviews, audits or verifications


Our keynote speakers

Philip Tillman

Chief Executive Officer @ Konsise

Alan has over 35 years’ experience in developing, deploying, customising and utilising technology to improve financial operations in large organisations. With a background in finance and business, and a passion for doing things in the most efficient and effective way, Alan saw the potential of technology to provide better controls, increase transparency and compliance and improve resource utilisation.

Belinda Lippert

Farnaaz Gaffoor

Product Manager @ Konsise

After qualifying as a CA(SA), Farnaaz joined the exciting world of Forensics, conducting forensic audits and investigations and eventually specialising in fraud risk management. Always up for a challenge, Farnaaz was presented with an opportunity in 2017 to join the rising new world of product management, wherein she has managed five different software products to date. At Konsise, Farnaaz is responsible for assisting with bringing the company vision and product strategy to life, product lifecycle from conception to launch as well as customer success.