Tax compliance designed for every aspect of the tax team’s needs

Maximise your tax team efficiency with a tax compliance platform
that works at scale with enterprise-grade security.

Tax management

Automate the existing tax process from SARS reminders to submission.

Tax compliance

Track internal and external tax deadlines for proactive tax compliance management.

Tax controls

Reduce the risks inherent to the tax submission and compliance process.

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Built-in enterprise-grade security

World-leading security and compliance are built in, ensuring your company’s sensitive tax data remains protected.

What can Konsise do for tax compliance teams?

Automated Obligation Tracking & Reminders

Taking control of your tax-related duties and deadlines is essential to avoid fines or delayed payments. Our software creates a tax calendar that incorporates all important tax deadlines and tasks. Automated alerts are sent through various channels, such as email or SMS, to ensure users never miss a critical tax date.

Submission/Filing Workflow

Our workflow feature empowers users responsible for tax filing preparation by providing a powerful tool for visualising and accessing all relevant submissions with ease. With this advanced feature at their disposal, users can confidently meet their tax obligations with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Audit/Verification Workflow

The process can be daunting and risky for companies and requires significant time, effort, and cost to gather all the necessary information, documents, and clarifications. But with the right preparation, you can be confident in your ability to navigate SARS audits.

Record Keeping, Including Document Storage

Record keeping is a legal obligation that Konsise simplifies by enabling the structured organisation, management, and access of all relevant files. Eliminate the risk of record files being misplaced, deleted or removed, and be assured that they will always be secure and instantly available.

Reporting & Oversight

A dashboard summary provides a quick overview of all tax obligations, deadlines, and audits. It helps businesses manage their obligations by prioritising them based on urgency. By using this summary, businesses can save time, stay organised, and navigate to the relevant parts of the software quickly.

SARS Financial Data Integration

Integration with SARS eFiling provides users with a straightforward and efficient way to submit returns directly, eliminating the need for users to log in to eFiling and navigate to each submission individually.

SARS Submission & Payment Compliance

Real-time SARS integration means companies can monitor the tax submission and payment compliance status of all entities in one location and view a compliance indicator for each tax filing.

Preparation, Review & Sign Off

Review and sign-off are crucial for complying with company segregation of duties requirements. It enables tax teams to assign specific users to prepare tax returns and other users to review the preparation, enhancing transparency and accountability and creating an independent assessment of the tax return preparation process.

SARS Correspondence Retrieval

Retrieving correspondence from SARS can be slow. With bi-directional SARS integration Konsise automatically retrieves all correspondence and notifications in real time and associates it with the correct tax filing and legal entity for better access and team collaboration.

Reconciliations/Analytics Reviews

Performing a reconciliation is a reliable way to verify the accuracy of tax data and identify discrepancies between the general ledger account balance, VAT control account, and the VAT paid or refunded from SARS. It empowers the reviewer to compare the present month with the previous month, allowing them to highlight any variances and comment on them with confidence.

Benefits of using Konsise for tax compliance

Enhanced accuracy

Enhanced accuracy

Eliminate errors that can occur when filling out tax forms manually.

Increased time savings

Increased time savings

Streamlined processes make managing and meeting tax and regulatory obligations easy.

Increased cost savings

Increased cost savings

Using tax software can be cost-effective, as it can reduce the need for hiring tax professionals and save you money on penalties.

Improved productivity

Improved productivity

With tax software, you can focus on other areas of your business while the software handles your tax-related tasks.

Better compliance

Better compliance

Real-time visibility into tax compliance status reduces penalties and fines.

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