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Corporate Income Tax report

Jan 30, 2023

The Corporate Income Tax report in Konsise provides users with the summary information from the ITA34C notice of assessment for all of the legal entities in a single report. This includes any provisional payments or overpayments, as the case may be, or any interest applied by SARS. The Corporate Income Tax report includes information related to the assessed losses, including any balance brought forward from prior year of assessment, balance utilised in the current year, and the balance carried over to the next year of assessment.

The report can be filtered either by company or year of assessment to find the exact information required. And as with all the reports in Konsise, a simple right click and you can export the data to Excel.

This functionality is made possible through Konsise’s link into SARS. Konsise automatically picks up the ITA34C notice of assessment from SARS. It pulls the relevant data across to the assessment tab on the corporate income tax card and simultaneously attaches the correspondence itself to the card as well.

In the event of a reassessment, both values are visible, including any provisional payments already made. If you are currently tracking this information manually in Excel, this corporate income tax report is going to be a huge time saver for you.

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