Filing tracker

Sep 22, 2022

The filing tracker is where you’ll be able to see all of the tax filings for the group, including the jurisdiction, company, tax filing type, related period and the status of each of these filings. In South Africa this information is automatically updated through our SARS integration functionality.

The report itself can be grouped or filtered by company or tax filing type. By simply right clicking, you’re able to export all of this information into Excel, where you’ll have a full report of all of the group’s tax filing obligations. A useful tool to report back to Finance Committee.

From the report itself, you’re able to quickly link back to the tax filing card, where you’re able to drill down into the information contained on the card.

Konsise has similar reporting functions for your payment deadlines, SARS request statuses, and your SARS compliance.

Konsise tax management software has a number of other wonderful features which will be covered in subsequent videos.

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