Oct 4, 2022

Let’s run through the records functionality in Konsise.

There are two types of records within Konsise:

  • The filing records – those associated with the original tax filing
  • The request records – those associated with the requests or audits received from the Revenue Service.

Record keeping is the most utilised function within Konsise. With users, uploading all relevant documentation relating to filings, requests and audits within Konsise for future reference.

A user can simply filter by a country, company or tax type in order to locate the record they are looking for. With a simple click, Konsise will take you to the tax card where you are able to see all activities, attachments and notes.

You will have a full account of all of your tax filing records for as long as you’ve been using Konsise. A useful tool should SARS select you for a verification four years down the line.

Konsise tax management software has a number of other useful features which are covered in subsequent videos.

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