SARS compliance

Always know which entities are SARS compliant

SARS compliance is measured on a number of factors. With a SARS integration, the compliance indicator is calculated based on your Statement of Account values to decide whether your tax filing is compliant. See the compliance status of all your entities in one place at a glance. See a compliance indicator for each tax filing.

Get a detailed compliance report for all your entities

The compliance report details all previous and current tax filings and their compliance status. If a verification or audit has been issued you see a non-compliant indicator for the specific tax filing it pertains to. Offering you a quick and easy way to see which entities and their tax filings are non-compliant and how you can get them back to a compliant state.

See compliance status of each tax filing

Each tax filing has its own compliance indicator that will let you know if something went wrong with a submission or payment so you can take action as soon as possible.

See it in action