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Filing tracker

A seamless tracking of tax filings for individuals, companies and trusts in an easy-to-use summary view with automatic updates for South African users. Generate comprehensive reports, customise grouping and filtering, and export data into Excels.

Introduction screen to tax records in Konsise

Tax records

Robust functionality for filings & requests associated with tax filings and audits from SARS, allowing users to upload and filter documents by country, company, or tax type, ensuring quick access when needed.

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Corporate income tax report

Experience the convenience of accessing all your Corporate Income Tax information in one place with a comprehensive summary and easy filtering options. Say hello to streamlined financial management with just a simple right-click export to Excel.

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SARS integration

Konsise boasts a robust integration with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), offering a suite of features designed to streamline tax management processes for businesses, tax practitioners and accounting firms.

Konsise tax review and sign off video thumbnail

Tax review & sign-off

A robust review and sign-off process is absolutely crucial in ensuring accurate tax returns that fully comply with all applicable regulations.

Konsise general ledge recon video thumbnail

General ledger recon

Reconcile your VAT return amount payable or refundable against your finance system’s VAT control account. Our system will calculate any unreconciled differences, saving you valuable time and energy to focus on higher-value tasks.

SARS integration video thumbnail

Mission Control

Upon logging into Konsise, users are directed to Mission Control, a centralised tax oversight dashboard that consolidates diverse tax-related information, enhancing financial oversight and simplifying governance processes.

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