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Two individuals engaged in a tug-of-war, symbolizing the struggle to obtain SARS correspondence

Tax practitioners: vital for tax system integrity. But, communication gaps hinder compliance efforts, risking system functionality and revenue collection.

Smiling woman confidently analyzing the state of tax and secretarial software industry in South Africa in 2024
With a founding member of the tax & secretarial software industry’s departure leaving a void in the market, accounting firms are now exploring alternative solutions,...
"Upgrade your tax software effortlessly. Say goodbye to Taxware and hello to Konsise for smoother operations. Explore now
On 14 March 2024, Caseware Africa made an important decision to retire their tax and secretarial products in 2025. Customers received an email informing them...
March 2024 product update
March 2024 Konsise product release marks another milestone in our journey to redefine tax management and tax compliance for individuals, companies and trusts in South...
Empower your tax compliance journey with the latest features from Konsise! Unveil the possibilities and elevate your experience with cutting-edge solutions. Discover what’s new and...
Marius Bothma, Tax Technology Lead at Konsise, confident in a professional setting.

Marius Bothma’s appointment as Tax Technology Lead signals a strategic move to redefine the landscape of tax software in the country.

tax strategies on Konsise's digital platform, embodying the collaborative spirit of modern tax management in South Africa

Explore the 7 key signs of tax management digitalisation in South Africa. Konsise is your partner in the digital evolution of tax compliance.

VAT-Estimated Assessments: Understanding the Process and Implications.
SARS’ Trailblazing Strategy Unveiled The VAT-estimated assessment process has been altered by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) due to taxpayers ignoring requests for supporting...


Man engaging with technology
Discover the essential guide to revolutionising your approach to taxation in the digital age. “Building a Roadmap for Digital Tax Transformation” provides a comprehensive exploration...
Electronic tax management software
There is a new software category that focuses on helping tax responsible professionals to plan, organise and submit their tax obligations all in a single...
An image depicting various issues in VAT data management, highlighting errors and discrepancies

Discover 9 things that could be WRONG with your VAT data and submissions.

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