About us

Konsise is Digital Tax management Software (DTMS) which offers an integrated platform that allows you to manage VAT, PAYE, Corporate Tax and other SARS filings, for multiple entities, all in one place. Konsise provides you with the necessary tools to make your tax management process easier, faster and simpler.

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Our story

Digital disruption and remote working have changed the workplace forever and ready or not, the tax function is rapidly becoming digital too. In the modern world where there is an application for just about everything, many teams have been using customised tools and software solutions for several years. Human Resources have payroll and HR systems, sales use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, whilst finance have had accounting software for decades. It seems that everyone has their own tool, but the person responsible for an organisation’s taxes hasn’t been so lucky. That is until now.

Konsise was founded with the goal of providing businesses with an easy-to-use, accurate, and efficient tax management software. We knew that tax management can be a complex and time-consuming task, and we wanted to create a solution that would help businesses streamline their workflow and save time.

As we were brainstorming names for the company, we wanted something that reflected our mission of simplification and organisation. That’s when we came up with Konsise (pronounced “concise”) – a combination of the words “consistent” and “precise.” We believe that by consistently staying organised and precise in your tax management, you can save time and focus on growing your business.

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and constantly improving our software to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are proud to be a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their tax management processes.

The team behind the madness…

Farnaaz Gafoor

Farnaaz Gafoor

Product Manager

After qualifying as a CA(SA), Farnaaz joined the exciting world of Forensics, conducting forensic audits and investigations and eventually specialising in fraud risk management. Her experience in external and internal audit granted her exposure to clients across multiple industries including retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, engineering, construction, and public sector. Always up for a challenge, Farnaaz was presented with an opportunity in 2017 to join the rising new world of product management, wherein she has managed five different software products to date. At Konsise, Farnaaz is responsible for assisting with bringing the company vision and product strategy to life, product lifecycle from conception to launch as well as customer success.

Kieron Lister

Kieron Lister

Head Of Development

Having graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an honours degree in Computer Science, Kieron started his career working with IT products for sales and services teams and moved from there into mobile solutions. This exposure gave him an opportunity to head up a mobile application development division. Kieron and this team went on to create mobile applications spanning multiple sectors across the African continent and parts of India. Having experienced industries as diverse as alcoholic beverage sales, applications for security guards and HIV assistance projects – Kieron decided it was time to step into the financial sector and the fast-paced world of Tax.

With Konsise being the first of its kind electronic Tax Management solution in South Africa, Kieron jumped at the chance to implement this innovation and break new ground in this industry.

Dylan Duley

Dylan Duley

Marketing Specialist

During his studies at AFDA for a Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Medium (Film), Dylan started his journey with his own company servicing clients of all sizes with their content generation needs. He quickly realised the power of content across digital and evolved his skills into a full-service digital marketing agency. After spending 7 years mastering the digital ecosystem his broad knowledge has helped him scale the digital efforts of companies across multiple channels.

At Konsise, Dylan is responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the entire organisation with the goal of attracting potential customers and retaining existing ones.

Belinda Lippert

Belinda Lippert

Sales Manager

During the course of completing an MA in Archaeology, Belinda worked as an assistant lecturer honing her presentation skills and ability to think on her feet. After completing her studies she swiftly moved into the client services space, gaining knowledge in international withholding tax. Here she developed her people skills and quickly developed a knack for sales. She was given the opportunity to join the sales team for Konsise, where her confident and hard working attitude made her the ideal candidate for the Sales Manager role.

She is now responsible for motivating and managing the strategic output of the sales team and building client relationships.

See Konsise in action

Konsise provides you with the necessary tools to make your management process easier, faster and simpler. It is that simple.

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