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Discover advanced tax software tailored for the South African market, offering enterprise-grade security features to safeguard sensitive tax data.

World-class software for SARS tax returns and more.

Are you exhausted from the endless hours spent on tax calculations and submissions? Konsise Tax Software is your ultimate solution! Our comprehensive tax management tool simplifies the entire process and instils confidence in your tax compliance status. With user-friendly features, Konsise Tax Software becomes your reliable companion, guiding you through every step, from identifying deadline dates to storing supporting information and documentation. Moreover, our advanced security features ensure that only authorised users can access your critical tax information, providing a sense of security.

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Whether you’re a South African corporate company, accounting firm, or tax practitioner, Konsise Tax Software is your ally. By automating your tax process to the maximum extent, we significantly reduce the risk of manual error and offer substantial time and cost savings. All your critical tax information, for individuals, companies and trusts, is stored in one place, ensuring that prior year tax returns and supporting schedules are instantly available to address internal or SARS queries, with a full statement of account history. This efficiency empowers you to focus on more strategic tasks, knowing that your tax management is safe.


Are you worried about the security of your tax information? Konsise Tax has you covered with regular database backups to ensure your data is always secure. With Konsise Tax, you can trust that your tax returns will be accurate, efficient, and stress-free. So why wait? Try Konsise Tax Software today and experience the ease and convenience of a genuinely comprehensive tax management solution!

Built-in enterprise-grade security

World-leading security and compliance are built in, ensuring your company’s sensitive tax data remains protected.

Trusted by leading organisations in South Africa

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For corporates

For companies looking for simpler, faster & easier tax management.

Use cases:

  • Tax deadline management
  • AutomaticΒ  tax compliance status
  • Retrieval of SARS correspondence
  • Centralised tax record keeping
  • Online tax submission

For accounting firms

Provides tax practitioners/accounting firms with an overview of their client base.Β Only a purpose-built tax tool can leverage automation to its fullest to help and keep your clients tax compliant with SARS.

Use cases:

  • Direct integration with SARS
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Team collaboration within the platform
  • Secure centralised storage

Purpose-built tax software that elevates tax compliance

Only a purpose-built tax tool can leverage automation to its fullest to help and keep your company tax compliant with SARS.

Maintain control of all you South African tax obligations in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Our all-in-one platform enables finance, tax and revenue authorities to achieve and maintain compliance goals collaboratively.

Tax management

For companies and accounting firms looking for similar, faster tax management

Use cases:

  • Automated tracking, reminders, and submission workflows
  • Centralised document storage and tax reporting
  • Automatic retrieval of SARS correspondence

Tax compliance

Stay informed and maintain a strong commitment to tax compliance

Use cases:

  • Tax audit workflows
  • Integrated SARS submissions and retrieval of correspondence
  • statement of account
  • Real-time tax compliance status
  • Enterprise-level security

Entity Management

An electronic company secretarial system to lighten the burden of the secretarial office to support regulatory compliance.

Use cases:

  • Easy management of share registers and beneficial ownership
  • Maintain statutory registers
  • Streamline compliance management
  • Centralise documentation storage

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I used to log on to SARS eFiling a number of times a month to do returns and check for correspondence. Now, thanks to Konsise, I hardly log on at all.

Jandri Nell | Chief Financial Officer

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