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tax compliance made

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Konsise optimises tax workflows by combining the functionality from applications like Excel, SharePoint, Outlook and eFiling into a single platform for finance teams to track, record and have oversight of all tax responsibilities for multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions with a bi-directional SARS integration

Plan, organise and submit tax obligations in a single platform

Automate tax compliance with a fit-for-purpose solution

Reduce risk of lost records when staff leave

Decrease reliance on SARS eFiling with direct integration

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Transforming the way tax & finance teams work.

Simple to start, easy to manage

Konsise mirrors your existing tax structures, takes a few minutes to configure, and you never have to do it again. The intuitive design is easy to use for any person responsible for tax filings, for anywhere, from anywhere.

Multiple tax types in any country

No matter the number of taxes you have to file, and no matter the number of countries in which you have to file, it can all be managed in a single place that is easy to use.

Manage deadlines

Tax regulators aren’t known for their flexibility of deadlines, which makes reminders and tracking of work even more important. Konsise will help you manage the deadlines, upcoming work requirements and further enquiries, from anywhere.

Store everything you’ll ever need

Ever tried to find your tax filings from 5 years ago but weren’t able to? Konsise helps you keep all your working papers, submissions, audits and other tax related information in a secure location which is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Features that make tax management

easier faster simpler

Features that realise the importance of tax management.

Analytic review

The analytic review is a best-practise step in the VAT201 preparation and review process, enabling the reviewer to compare current month to previous month and comment on variances.

File attachments

Users can attach any document to a submission or an audit for the purpose of review or to keep as a record for future ease of access.

General ledger reconciliation

The general ledger recon enables the user to detail the variance between the GL Account Balance (VAT Control Account) and the VAT payable/refundable.

Mission control

Mission control is a landing page and dashboard summary for users to instantly view the status of all tax obligations, including submission deadlines, payment deadlines and audits/verifications.


The records feature ensures that every step of the preparation, calculation, working files and review comments are permanently secured and instantly accessible to all members on the team.

Review & sign-off

The review & sign-off feature enables the interaction between the preparer and the reviewer, including the final sign off of the submission.

SARS compliance

See the compliance status of all your entities in one place at a glance. See a compliance indicator for each tax filing.

SARS correspondence integration

With our integration solution, all correspondence from SARS is given to your whole team and not just a single email.

SARS submission integration

The SARS submission integration enables users to submit the permitted returns directly from Konsise into e-filing.

SARS statement of account integration

The SARS Statement of Account integration receives all Statement of Account (SoA) relating to integrated tax types and displays the values of the submission and payment to the user.

Tax reporting

The reports for submissions, payments and audits provide the users real-time information on the status of each submission, payment and audit, including the deadline.

Tax workflow

The tax management workflow feature enables the user responsible for preparation of the submission to visualise and access all relevant submissions.

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Jandri Nell

Jandri Nell

Chief Financial Officer

I used to log on to SARS eFiling a number of times a month to do returns and check for correspondence. Now, thanks to Konsise, I hardly log on at all.

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