Automate General Ledger Reconciliation with Konsise

Analytical review made easy: Exploring Konsise’s game-changing feature

Are you tired of spending countless hours reconciling your general ledger manually? Konsise is here to boost your productivity! With our efficient Workings tab, you can effortlessly reconcile your VAT return amount payable or refundable against your finance system’s VAT control account. Our smart system will automatically calculate any unreconciled differences until they reach zero, saving you valuable time and energy that you can invest in more important tasks.

Konsise’s analytical review feature is a game-changer. It lets you compare current and prior period data for both gross and VATable amounts, in value and percentage, so you can easily spot any discrepancies. You can also leave comments for reviewer attention or in preparation for a SARS audit. With Konsise, general ledger reconciliations and analytical reviews become a breeze, giving you peace of mind and efficient handling of your tax processes. Say goodbye to the complexities and hello to a simplified, streamlined process with Konsise.

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