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Game-Changing Features: Konsise December 2023 Update

Dec 7, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of tax compliance software, Konsise continues to revolutionise the experience for South African companies, accounting firms, and tax practitioners. The Konsise December 2023 update introduces many new features designed to streamline and enhance tax-related processes, marking a significant leap forward in easing the burden of compliance with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Konsise December 2023 update: Comprehensive IRP6 analytical review

One of the standout additions is the comprehensive IRP6 analytical reviews. This feature allows users to conduct in-depth analyses comparing various tax parameters, such as the 1st provisional tax of the current year versus the prior year, the 2nd provisional tax of the current year against the preceding year, and even a comparison between the 1st and 2nd provisional taxes. This analytical tool gives users invaluable insights into tax trends and fluctuations, enabling better understanding and insights into trends.

Konsise December 2023 update: VAT201 updates in Konsise

The addition of VAT201 YTD Analytical review provides a 3rd trend analysis on your VAT data. Users now benefit from a refined filing workflow board boasting enhanced functionalities. Notable enhancements include incorporating card reference numbers and indicators denoting whether a tax filing has been deleted. These updates contribute to a more organised and user-friendly interface, allowing for smoother navigation within the platform.

The VAT201 Summary Report underwent minor yet impactful updates, refining default sorting mechanisms and rectifying issues related to duplicate VAT outputs on charts. These refinements enhance the accuracy and clarity of reports, ensuring a more seamless user experience.

Furthermore, the update introduces several user-centric improvements. Users now have the advantage of an indicator added to IRP6, facilitating easy identification of 1st and 2nd provisional tax cards. Upon user deletion, the platform identifies all related user permissions, preventing accidental disruptions in tax filings and integrations.

The SARS Correspondence Inbox received substantial enhancements based on user feedback, enhancing document titles and types displayed, introducing major filters for document and filing types, and providing additional columns and sorting options. These improvements significantly improve user-friendliness and efficiency within the platform.

Moreover, the update addresses various bug fixes, including resolving issues related to incorrect filtering in the Inbox and error-handling messages across all trackers.

About Konsise

At Konsise, we are committed to excellence and constantly strive to improve our platform. The Konsise December 2023 update is a testament to our dedication towards greater efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction. By incorporating user feedback and leveraging technological innovation, we are proud to remain at the forefront of simplifying tax compliance for South African businesses, accounting firms and tax practitioners.

Please explore our website or contact our dedicated team to learn about these new features and updates. We are constantly working on enhancing your Konsise experience, so stay tuned for more exciting improvements in the future.

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