Introduction to Mission Control: Konsise’s Centralised Tax Oversight Dashboard

Real-time updates and streamlined processes in the tax oversight dashboard

Upon logging into Konsise, users are directed to Mission Control, an integral platform component designed to serve as a centralised tax oversight dashboard. Mission Control amalgamates diverse sets of information pertinent to tax matters, consolidating tax filings, identifying outstanding tax obligations, delineating payment and refund statuses concerning SARS, and outlining audit statuses issued by the tax authority. Furthermore, it provides visibility into additional correspondence from SARS, encompassing statement of account values, supplementary orders, or other notifications.

Mission Control offers a time-saving feature: the flexibility to filter by country or company. This functionality is designed to facilitate a focused examination of relevant data, providing users with a comprehensive snapshot of the information they need without the need to sift through irrelevant data.

As a subject matter expert, you don’t need to be a tax law expert to oversee taxes effectively. However, understanding the organisational structure is crucial for gaining a holistic perspective of the company’s tax position. This insight can transform tax processes into strategic assets contributing to the company’s financial success.

Navigating tax obligations entails adhering to stringent deadlines, managing payments, undergoing audits, and responding to verifications, all of which can prove cumbersome. Nevertheless, by implementing robust tax oversight practices, financial governance can be simplified, enhancing oversight and mitigating legal risks and penalties.

Konsise is a valuable tool that provides clear insights into the tax health of all managed legal entities. Through its intuitive interface, users gain visibility into submission and payment statuses across various tax types, alongside real-time updates on audit progress and verifications, all within a streamlined system encapsulated in the Tax Oversight Dashboard.

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