Customising Your Tax Review and Sign-off Process

Review & sign-off in the tax process, bolster accountability and control with confidence.

Are you ready to learn about the Review and sign-off process in Konsise? Trust me, it’s a vital aspect of preparing, reviewing, and submitting tax returns accurately while complying with all regulations. Luckily, Konsise has got you covered with an automated review function that maintains internal controls and a complete audit trail.

Excitingly, Konsise offers a range of review methods, all designed to cater to the unique needs of your organisation or accounting firm. You can choose a review process that suits you best, whether a preparer-led submission without a third-party review or an ‘any of review’ where any designated person can provide the third-party review prior to submission.

But that’s not all! Konsise also offers a specific person review, allowing designated individuals to review in a predefined order. This feature ensures a clear and accountable review process. For example, the divisional CFO can review first, followed by the group tax manager, and finally, the group CFO before submission takes place.

The Review and sign-off function uses the Konsise workflow and notification system, which means you’ll receive email notifications regarding your tasks. All activities are recorded on the History tab, showing who performed them and when they occurred.

The Review and sign-off process automates tax submissions and approvals while maximising controls and oversight. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with Konsise!

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