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Let’s discuss the fantastic functionality of tax records in Konsise. Konsise has two types of records: filing records and request records. Filing records are associated with the original tax filing, and request records are associated with the requests or audits received from the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Record keeping is one of the most essential, highly used features of Konsise. With Konsise, you can upload all relevant documentation relating to filings, requests, and audits for future reference. And the best part? You can filter by country, company, or tax type to locate the necessary record in seconds.

With a single click, Konsise grants you access to your tax card and a comprehensive overview of all your activities, attachments, and notes. It’s like having a complete account of all your tax filing records right at your fingertips, ensuring you’re fully prepared even if SARS requests a verification four years down the line.

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