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Marius Bothma Joins Konsise as Tax Technology Lead

Jan 16, 2024

Marius Bothma’s recent appointment as Tax Technology Lead at Konsise, the foremost tax compliance platform in South Africa, signals a strategic move by the company to redefine the landscape of tax software in the country.

Marius’ tenure at Thomson Reuters, EY and Deloitte, focusing on tax technology, will enrich Konsise with unparalleled insights into the local tax landscape and equip Konsise to craft new solutions by leveraging in-depth knowledge of industry nuances. His ability to identify market opportunities, set strategic objectives, and implement innovative solutions resonates with Konsise’s vision of pioneering tax compliance technology.

At the tax industry giants, Marius honed a client-centric approach that emphasised building enduring relationships and understanding client needs. This ethos is a valuable asset to Konsise, enhancing its capacity to cater to the demands of tax customers. His proven track record of nurturing client relationships and delivering niche solutions, combined with his strategic acumen, promises to elevate Konsise’s ability to address and exceed client expectations in the emerging tax technology landscape.

About Marius Bothma, tax technology industry specialist

Marius’ academic qualifications in accounting and advanced taxation from esteemed institutions complement his extensive practical experience, resulting in having a wealth of hands-on tax technology experience and a strong academic foundation, which makes him a catalyst in helping to drive Konsise’s innovative and customer-centric tax solutions. This proficiency will solidify Konsise’s position as a leader in advanced tax compliance technology to ensure that the company stays ahead of the competition in offering innovative and efficient tax solutions to enterprise clients.

Why Konsise?

Marius quotes his reasons for joining Konsise: “No other company has the vision to assist South African tax teams as compared to Konsise. Further, Konsise’s approach is product-based, which means customers do not have to pay expensive consulting fees. Month-on-month, Konsise adds new tax automation that its customers are asking for, and their customers are South Africa’s biggest corporates. I am excited to help tax teams transform their digital approach to tax through Konsise.”

Tax digitalisation in South Africa

Marius Bothma’s arrival signifies a strategic hire and underscores Konsise’s commitment to revolutionising tax compliance technology. Recognising the broader context in which this move takes place is essential.

The South African tax environment is rapidly evolving into a digital landscape, driven primarily by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and its focus on greater tax compliance. Konsise stands at the forefront of this digital tax revolution, leading the charge in digitalising tax compliance. In an era where digital tax transformation is no longer an option but a necessity, companies and accounting firms that fail to keep pace with this shift towards a digital tax landscape risk being left behind. This recent hire shows the company’s commitment to innovation and positions it as a trailblazer in digital tax compliance, ensuring its clients stay ahead of the competition by embracing cutting-edge, efficient, and customer-centric tax solutions.

With Marius on board, Konsise is poised to set new benchmarks in tax technology solutions, offering unparalleled value to the South African tax landscape.

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