VAT201 integration to SARS eFiling with Konsise

Jan 19, 2022

Konsise tax management software is leading the way with VAT201 integration to SARS eFiling.

This integration enables companies to manage their tax responsibilities and compliance requirements such as VAT returns in a smarter, more streamlined manner. Save all VAT related documentation in a centralized online repository and submit the VAT201 return directly to SARS all in a single platform. 

Frequently asked questions

Which filings integrate with SARS?

All VAT201 filings with a “Monthly” or “Every two months” submission frequency.

How does the SARS integration work?

Firstly, Konsise would need to be activated as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) on your SARS eFiling profile. The unique Login key provided upon activation is then entered into Konsise to complete the integration.

Do I need to integrate all companies in my organization?

No, you can choose which companies to integrate and use this feature. You can always add more companies for integration as you see fit.

How much extra does it cost to have SARS eFiling submission?

The SARS eFiling submission feature is part of your Konsise Tax Management subscription.

Which users can populate the VAT201 for a particular submission?

All users who have been assigned a Preparer or Reviewer role on the VAT201 tax filing will be able to populate the VAT201 for submission.

VAT201 tax time
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Which user can submit the VAT201 through Konsise?

The user who generally submits through eFiling will be able to submit through Konsise. Users who generally do not have permission to submit VAT201 filings through eFiling will not be able to do so through Konsise.

How long does it take for SARS eFiling to receive my submission once submitted through Konsise?

All submissions made during the day will be queued and processed by SARS from 6 pm each evening to 7 am the next morning. You will receive an email notification once the submission is successfully processed. You will also be able to view the status of your filing on the Konsise platform.

Can I make payment of my VAT201 through Konsise?

No, you would need to process the payment on eFiling once the submission has been processed. No payment can be processed through Konsise.

If I integrate, do I need to submit only through Konsise?

No, you would still be able to submit through eFiling. Konsise will track all your submissions including the ones processed through eFiling and provide all status information of your submissions.

How will I know if my submission was successfully sent to SARS eFiling?

You will receive an email notification once the submission is successfully processed. You will also be able to view the status of your filing on the Konsise platform.

Do I need to repopulate my VAT201 if my submission was unsuccessful?

No, the VAT201 values inputted is saved on the Determinations tab within your tax filing card.


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