Tax management &
tax compliance made

easier simpler faster for you!

Konsise optimises tax workflows by combining the functionality from applications like Excel, SharePoint, Outlook and eFiling into a single platform for finance teams to track, record and have oversight of all tax responsibilities for multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions with a bi-directional SARS integration

Manage, comply & record all your SARS tax obligations for all entities in a single platform

Get oversight over all tax obligations for every entity while managing an effective tax workflow management with your finance team.

Effective tax workflow management

Automated tax workflow for effective team collaboration

Manage your tax status for upcoming, current and submitted tax filings. Submit returns directly to SARS eFiling. Manage company tax filings with full audit history of team changes, tax documentation uploaded and SARS correspondence.

Submit returns directly to eFiling

Submit VAT201, Provisional & Corporate Income Tax returns directly to SARS eFiling. Don’t battle with the headache of working with eFiling.

Track tax filing status and deadlines

Track the status of all tax filings including upcoming, current and submitted filings. Get SARS correspondence and automated tax deadlines, customised to tax type.

Finance team workflow management

Easily setup a review & sign-off process with the whole team including a preparer, multiple reviewers and an oversight role. Customise per tax type or entity.