Instantly review company tax compliance status and fix non-compliance issues

Konsise is a business tax compliance system that puts an end to manual tax compliance processes. Freeing up time to work on higher value & more strategic tasks.

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Finance teams in South Africa no longer manage their tax compliance processes manually, saving hours every month

Manual tax compliance is time consuming, inefficient and error prone

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SARS eFiling

  • QIntermittent downtime
  • QNo team collaboration
  • QOutdated interface
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  • QNo version control history
  • QCumbersome & manual
  • QLacks sign-off functionality
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  • QIneffective communication
  • QNo audit trail
  • QNo team collaboration
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  • QManual deadline tracker
  • QNot configurable to tax type
  • QNot configurable to company requirements
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  • QNo contextual file storage
  • QNot secure
  • QIneffective version control

Countless hours lost each month to manual time consuming processes instead of higher value strategic tasks

A reliable, secure, and scalable tax compliance platform

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A single integrated tax compliance platform for your team to manage the compliance for multiple entities and their tax types. Use our SARS compliance indicator and reporting solution.

  • RDirect submissions to SARS
  • RAutomated deadline tracker
  • RContextual file management
  • RTeam review & sign-off
  • RRecord keeping
  • RTeam access to SARS correspondence

Tax compliance software isn’t as expensive as you think…

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Tax workflow

Automated tax management workflow

Manage your tax status for upcoming, current and submitted tax filings. Sort and filter by company and tax type for effective tax management.

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SARS eFiling robot benefits

SARS eFiling integration

Direct tax submissions to eFiling

Submit returns directly to SARS eFiling. Time-consuming activities made simpler and faster. Don’t battle with the headache of logging into eFiling.

Review & sign-off

Efficient team collaboration

Manage company tax filings with full audit history of team changes, tax documentation uploaded and SARS correspondance.

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Automated Deadlines

Automated deadline tracking

Configure your deadlines according to tax type and company requirements. Get multiple notifications across the team to make sure payments, submissions and audits/verifications

Tax compliance tracking

Stay SARS compliant

Use our compliance status checker and indicator to see which tax filings are not complying with SARS with regards to submissions, payments and audits/verifications.

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Konsise Mission Control dashboard

Team oversight

Have oversight of all tax filings at a glance

Better oversight over the status of all tax filings at a glance. No more logging into multiple eFiling accounts for every entity to see your tax obligations.

Tax filing records

Efficient record keeping for audits and verifications

Have immediate access to all tax filing records for years to come. Switch your binder files to an electronic file management system to sort and filter to your requirements in an easy access, structured system.

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File attachments

Secure file attachments for relevant tax documentation

Attach relevant tax documentation to filings for review and record keeping for future ease of access in the case of an audit or verification.

Tax reporting

Automated tax reporting and oversight

Easily build reports on previous or even current tax filings for oversight and team review. Report on the status of payments, submissions and audits in one a one click export.

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Giving finance & tax teams in South Africa a single platform to manage their SARS tax filings such as VAT, PAYE and Corporate Tax.

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