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Konsise is not limited to corporates or VAT; it is designed to efficiently handle various tax types for individuals and trusts with absolute ease. Our competitors may say otherwise, but we are confident in our capabilities.

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The following information was acquired directly from on 4 April 2024, without any modifications to grammatical errors or outdated product information displayed on their site at that point in time.

What is Accfin software?

Accfin offers Sky software.
Sky is an integrated software suite consisting of one integrated product that covers the major disciplines designed to run the back office of the accounting firm. Sky is developed from the ground up using state of the art programming and an industrial strength database. Sky was the first cloud ready and web enabled back office system in South Africa for accounting firms and is Accfin’s 4th generation.

Sky Software is a back office suite for accounting firms and despite the different modules for different disciplines is in fact one product that is totally integrated and available to the whole accounting firm. Although totally integrated the software retains the 4 most important back office disciplines of Tax, Secretarial, Time and Debtors, called SKY TAX, SKY SEC and SKY TIME.

Sky Software retains at a minimum the same functionality as Professional Series but in many instances much much more. In the development of the product we used the concept of less is more which has resulted in a much smaller, intuitive and easier to use program, but adds a whole lot of new modern state of the art functionality. The program works using the concept of workflows which makes it very easy to use.

A SQL database called PostgreSQL which is used in 70% of web and cloud based systems in the world is our SQL database of choice and the programing language is Java. These aspects lends itself to producing an application which is cloud ready and web enabled which can handle an unlimited amount of data, however if you dont think you are ready for the cloud a practice can run it in their own network environment.

Sky Software is installed on the server and various terminals across the office and can access the data via browser or smart client (very small java applet that is downloaded to the terminal). There are no complicated software installations on terminals and users can roll out the software to as many terminals as they want as we now offer an unlimited licence.

Sky Software will run on any server and any terminal device including tablets. The software has moved to being total screen based or enquiry based allowing the user to access any aspect that they want.

Sky Software now runs in the Accfin Cloud or in your own private cloud.

Sky Software is an enquiry based system and can be run on a totally paperless basis

Sky Tax

Sky Tax is a system designed to manage and process the interactions between a Tax Practitioner, their tax clients and SARS. This ultimate Tax Management system is designed to help in the running of a tax department, managing, tracking and controlling each aspect of a client’s tax affairs, making sure you as a Tax Practitioner meet your tax return deadlines to SARS and most important of all, reducing risk of exposure to liability.

Sky Tax interacts directly with the SARS eFiling server on a bulk basis instead of on a one to one basis saving a huge amount of time.

Sky Tax handles ITR12, ITR12 Trusts and the ITR1

Legacy AccFin SkyTax Software Interface Hosted on Shared Servers Outside South Africa

Accfin Sky Cloud Server

Option 1

The normal Accfin Cloud Server. The cost of this licence is included in pricing of Sky Software

Option 2

Accfin can provide the following services by providing you with your own virtual server.

Shared Application Server Hosting

By running your Accfin Sky software solution on the above, Accfin Software will provide the following inclusive management services

Operating system
Server Security
Application Server
Database Server
Sky Software
User management
Our shared server offering is hosted by Hetzner name changed to  XNELO

Konsise is hosted on Microsoft Azure for greater scalability, redundancy, and performance optimisation.

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Frequently asked questions when considering moving from Accfin Sky Tax to Konsise

What is Konsise Tax Software?

Konsise tax software integrates Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, and SARS eFiling functionalities into a single platform for seamless, comprehensive tax management. Purpose-built in South Africa for responsible tax professionals, it ensures comprehensive compliance with SARS regulations while saving valuable time. With enterprise-grade security and real-time reporting, Konsise streamlines tax workflows, empowering practitioners to focus on core expertise and business growth.

Does Konsise have a free version?

We understand that investing in new tax software can be a big decision, so we offer our potential clients a 45-day free trial. Before you commit, we’ll need to give you a personalised demonstration and better understand what you are looking to achieve with Konsise and make sure that our platform can meet your expectations. The best part? No credit card is required!

Does Konsise offer on-premise software?

Konsise is exclusively available as a cloud-based solution, providing the ultimate convenience of steering clear of the hassle of loading software on your computer, backing up your data, and saving information and documents to your hard drive. Everything is stored securely in the cloud, which means you can access it anytime. Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also ensures that you have the latest updates and features at your fingertips. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing your data or critical private information due to hardware failure or theft. 

Can I pay for Konsise monthly?

There are monthly payment options available. Get in touch to explore this option

What type of security does Konsise offer?

Konsise’s security policies confidently guard customer data security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy, meeting the highest standards of both Konsise and the customer. We diligently implement and maintain robust security safeguards for the application infrastructure outlined in our security document. Customers can trust us to handle their application system’s security, while Microsoft Azure takes responsibility for securing the cloud.