Streamline SARS Correspondence Management with Konsise

Are you tired of the hassle and uncertainty of managing SARS correspondence? Keeping track of notifications, understanding their context, and ensuring timely responses can be a daunting task. With Konsise, you can say goodbye to lost correspondence and hefty penalties. Our comprehensive solution simplifies the management of SARS requests, verifications, and audits, ensuring you have complete control and visibility over your tax obligations.

Take Control of SARS Notifications, Correspondence & Requests

Finance professionals often struggle with the management of SARS correspondence. Tracking case references, due dates, correspondence, and document submissions manually can lead to errors, missed deadlines, and compliance risks. The reliance on SARS eFiling notifications alone can leave you in the dark, without the necessary context and organisation.

At Konsise, we understand these challenges and have developed a solution to revolutionize the way you handle SARS correspondence. Our platform streamlines the entire process, providing automation, centralisation, and secure document storage to ensure smooth and compliant management of all your tax obligations.

Automated Notifications

Konsise automatically captures and categorises SARS notifications, providing you with real-time updates on requests, verifications, and audits. No more relying solely on eFiling notifications without context or clarity.

Secure Correspondence & Document Storage

Say goodbye to lost correspondence and searching for documents. Konsise provides a secure cloud-based storage facility, allowing you to access important SARS correspondence and any related tax documents, ensuring they are readily available when you need them.

Automatic Correspondence Notifications

Stay informed and never miss an important SARS request or notification. Konsise automatically detects and captures correspondence from SARS, such as verifications, audits or SOA’s, and notifies you instantly.

Correspondence Storage

Konsise stores all SARS correspondence in the Konsise cloud-based drive. The whole team can access and retrieve important correspondence whenever needed, ensuring a complete audit trail and easy collaboration with your team.

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Jandri Nell

Jandri Nell

Chief Financial Officer

I used to log on to SARS eFiling a number of times a month to do returns and check for correspondence. Now, thanks to Konsise, I hardly log on at all.